Welcome back to me I guess.

Hey, so… Yeah, it’s been 4 years. Sorry. Some stuff came up. 4 years in a row.

I’ve been meaning to get back into this for a long while now. Because let me tell you, I got RPG hot takes coming out of every orifice right now, folks.

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Too close to home: 7th Sea and the Uncanny Valley

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I do quite like the cover art for the 7th Sea books. Somehow fills me with nostalgia.
I do quite like the cover art for the 7th Sea books. Somehow fills me with nostalgia.

So, I have recently picked up the 7th Sea RPG by Alderac Entertainment Group (the same folks behind Legend of the 5 Rings). I know, I’m a bit late to the party, as the original game system has been discontinued for about a decade now, even longer if you don’t count the dreadful D20-era. But I read some quite positive reviews, the setting and mechanics intrigued me, and being a big advocate of AEG’s Roll-and-Keep system made me just go out and have a look at the 7th Sea Player’s Guide.

Now I don’t want to talk about mechanics here, I might do that in a future blog post once I actually get to try out the system with my gaming group (because they actually seem pretty interesting). No, this post is reserved for something special, something I like to call: The Uncanny Valley of Roleplaying Games. Continue reading “Too close to home: 7th Sea and the Uncanny Valley”

Teleportation-Tourism: How magical transportation kills the essence of adventure

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Last month, I was a guest player in a Pathfinder campaign I had played in a couple of years ago. The campaign was nearing its end, and the group that I had left around Level 7 had now become a powerful Level 15/16 warband. The epic conclusion to I believe more than 3 years of adventures was on the horizon.

The characters prepared themselves to venture into the lion’s den and face their archnemesis in a final confrontation. However, as dramatic as that sounds – and it was really quite dramatic – this high-level play sadly felt, for me at least, a bit lacking. It’s not that the fights weren’t thrilling, or the enemies not interesting, or the locales not amazing… It’s that almost everything we encountered and every obstacle in our way more or less came down to “Which spell do I cross off my list to circumvent this?” Specifically, the spell Teleport became an invaluable asset to the group. Continue reading “Teleportation-Tourism: How magical transportation kills the essence of adventure”

Worldbuilding: Here is where?

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Whenever I try to get in the mood for some sweet sweet worldbuilding, the first thing that always comes to mind is a quote of one of my old Japanese teachers, which is in itself actually a quote from some Japanese story that I can’t remember the name of: Koko wa doko? Ore wa dare? – “Here is where? I am who?”
Let’s try to keep especially the first question in mind for what’s to come.

Okay, so I want to start this kind of work log about my own RPG system with the one aspect that’s more or less separate from the mechanics and rule apparatus – the game setting, the world, the things that go “boom” when you throw your fireballs around… providing there even is something like ‘fireballs’ where we’re headed. Continue reading “Worldbuilding: Here is where?”

I’m good, thanks – D&D 5E and the increasing difficulty of finding your niche

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So, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, eh? That seems to be something people are talking about. I heard some pretty good things about this new edition, especially from people who were disappointed with the previous one. Personally, my journey through the dungeons and fights with the dragons have lasted throughout 2nd and 3rd Edition before I switched trains and made myself comfortable with Pathfinder (more on that later). I have no experience whatsoever with 4th Edition…

…and I don’t plan on having any with 5E either. Continue reading “I’m good, thanks – D&D 5E and the increasing difficulty of finding your niche”

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