Record scratch noise.

jon_editYes, that’s me.
You’re probably wondering how I got into this mess…

Hey. Yo. Hi. Welcome to this little corner of mine. You’re probably lost, I guess, and just stumbled over this blog. Or maybe you didn’t, and you came here entirely on your own free will.

Whatever the case, you’re here, so why not have a look around. What you’ll find will mostly be half-intelligible ramblings of this here German (that’s me right there -> next to my writing partner from China). I call myself a writer and game designer in the tabletop RPG space, but I suppose you’ll be the judge of that.

In case you’re interested, I’m a 1988 model, he/him pronouns, born and currently living in Berlin, and my Myers-Briggs is I-have-no-clue-is-this-even-real-science.

Any questions? Drop me a line in the comments or find me on Twitter @QforQuijote.

Background image is “Papyrus”, by Freestock.


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